My name is Ben, but people call me Blunt Shank or Benji Blunt…. confused?

Born and raised on a council estate in London, I had a slightly misspent youth. I was heavily involved with the Hip Hop culture from my early years and later, the UK underground dance music scene. I loved Art and DJing and occupied my younger adult years, doing as I pleased (earning the name Benji Blunt along the way). But in my mid 20s, as a mature student, I studied to be a teacher. I worked for many years with Young Offenders, teaching Art and Music Technology. I slipped into customising trainers (sneakers) when my first son was born and fell in love with the idea of making my own from scratch. A few years ago I decided to pursue that end, using a reference to my prison work and and part of a shoe (Shank) to name this new direction. Now, at home in my workroom I make my 1 of 1 handmade shoes. I also teach workshops, make tutorials, design shoes and restore vintage sneakers for collectors. I love working with my hands and being inventive.

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