Handmade sneakers start at a minimum of £850 and the price can vary depending on materials, design and labour. Every pair I make is different and the time from beginning to end can vary, but the bespoke process is outlined as follows:

Design Consultation

A non-refundable deposit of £250 is payable, to begin the process of design and sourcing of materials for your unique handmade pair of sneakers. We will work together on your vision and discuss construction and materials, working using sketches and photoshop to illustrate our ideas. We will discuss the many possibilities and limitations of the handmade process. The total cost will also be agreed at this time. This part of the process can take a week or more when working remotely, and can be revisited when needed.

Pattern Making

A pattern will be designed using an appropriate shoemaking last. A specific last can be sourced or developed for your pair. Especially if it is to fit a required sole unit or achieve a specific look. Lasts can also be adapted for subtle alterations in shape and fit*. Designs will be drawn directly on to the shoe last and the creation of paper and card pattern shapes, will be made.


Using the materials sourced, or similar; a single prototype upper is made to test the pattern and materials and help inform any adjustments needed. Parts of the pattern stage may be revisited at this point. Minor changes can be agreed upon.

Before progressing to the making of both uppers, a second payment will be taken.

Handcrafting your pair

At this stage it is understood that the project will be completed as agreed and any remaining payment will be made upon completion.

The upper materials are cut (clicking), skived and assembled by hand, then stitched (closing). Handcrafted internal components are created and the uppers are lasted. The uppers then sit on the last to take shape. The sole of the shoe is prepared for fitting to a pre-made or handcrafted mid and outsole. Final finishing now takes place, ensuring your shoes look their best, before shipment to you.

Artwork, photos and presentation materials can be provided as agreed.


Your shoes are handmade but that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn. But, by way of caveat, you should treat them like your favourite pair for special occasions. Handmade sneakers are not made with industrial machines, but by hand.

Rest assured, I’ll always be here to help with any problems that may arise.

To commission a handmade piece, get in touch …

*Some of the lasts I use are developed from existing factory sneaker models and would broadly fit the same as pairs you already own. If there are concerns on fit, a ‘fit test shoe’ or the prototype can be sent to you to test the fit.

Please note:

When creating a homage to a classic sneaker model, an original branded shoe is used as the starting point. The customisation includes reusing parts such as the sole unit, mesh and stabilisers.

I receive many enquiries and whilst I am grateful that people value my work, not every project is suitable for my services.

All bespoke products are non-returnable and non-refundable.

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