Lux adilettes

I was gifted some adilettes and a Tee from an ex-adidas employee, I met on Insta. This guy had been the fountain of all adidas knowledge for me and my friends over a period of months. He posted some amazing pairs with amazing tales from behind the scenes at the sportswear giant. I wore them daily, but after some serious chewing from the dog, the adilettes were ready for the bin. But, because of their sentimental value and the belief there was life in used EVA foam, I stripped them back, up-cycled them with buttery premium suede, leather and some outsoling . Bespoke and handcrafted style. Ready for any spa day.

Thanks to @buxcrescentheritageexperiences for allowing me to take pics in the #buxtonpumproom#buxtonspa

July 2021

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