Sneaker Center x Blunt Shank – Handmade Blazer for Common

It was an honour to be asked to make a handmade shoe for @common by @koolboblove, for his new ESPN+ series. Here’s how it went down..

A producer over @sneakercenter sent me an email saying ‘Can you make a shoe for Common? You’ve got 5 days!’ Well, it was something like that. Anyway, the original plan was to get some shoes shipped to me, custom them and send back in time for the interview with him. But getting the shoes to me was proving difficult. I said “I’ll pop into Manchester and get them..” Was easier said than done. The helpful staff Footlocker had only a few of the chosen silhouette left, none in the colour needed and no half sizes. They were super helpful though and I really appreciate their efforts. So, another option was to seek out a Blazer. Again the good retailers of Manchester came through with helpfulness. @noteshop found me a Blazer SB in the right size. The following days were spent deconstructing and making. A film crew also attended to interview me and do some process footage for the episode.

The shoe is based on the SB I deconstructed. Nothing crazy, except I used my kids basketball to make a toe piece. It was dirty from the local court and I decided it should be left just so. The colourway refrences @common’s book ‘Let Love Have The Last Word’ and the materials and graphics reference that, but also his late father’s time as a basketball player for the Detroit Rockets. It is a shoe born of love and I’m proud I got the opportunity. But…. but really the most important thanks go to my family, who allowed me to lock myself away in a room in the school holiday. And then the drama of the parcel to NYC that went astray in Stoke! That’s another story..

October 2019

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