Tokyo 2020

3 years ago I picked up a pair of vintage adidas Interval III Track spikes from the USA. The tatty OG blue box was scrawled with red biro “No Good”. But there was nothing wrong with them. They just needed to be rocked. 
I had approached some people about sourcing 4D soles to bring old and new together (big thanks to those that looked into this for me), but it wasn’t fruitful. I guess that I wasn’t totally sold on the idea anyway. When the reissue adidas ‘Spirit of the Games’ dropped, I knew I was wise to wait. I just needed the time to get the project done.

As some will know from my videos on instagram, the spikes were a size 9 (US I think). I knew they would likely only be good for size UK6.5/7 conversion. My experience of making an Interval II with the same sole unit, meant I’d need a SOTG donor in UK7.5. 
The Interval III upper foam lining was all still intact and with a new last shaped footboard, I was able to pull the upper over a classic city series shaped last. I used waterbased Renia glue for the lasting, adding a hardener to help seal in any old adhesives. The prep was nearly all done by hand to avoid heating the upper in any way. Old trainers don’t like heat! 
I was working on something for collector Paul Muirhead already and knew the size was right for him, so I mentioned that I had this idea and after seeing the spikes, he was sold. We are both very happy with the result, the components marry like they were always meant to be. Even the flash of grey accent on the upper matches the outsole. At Paul’s request we added branding as a finishing touch (not seen in these pics).

The Tokyo 2020 games was postponed last year and may well be postponed again this year. Who knows. But in the Spirit Of The Games, we hope it will be a short Interval.

May 2021

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