TRX Brogue

Some months ago, @tobyrobsondirector and I embarked on this project. The design work started in earnest and ideas were exchanged via the information superhighway. Back and forth we worked through ideas sticking closely to Toby’s vision of a Brogued vintage adidas runner. Then came the task of sourcing appropriate materials in the right colours, which was not easy. A lot of testing was needed and changes were made as we slimmed down the options. The pattern evolved too, through choice but also necessary adjustments. My own ability and limitations of working techniques proved a test. Toby’s patience and understanding was inspiring – a man driven by a vision of his own trainer. The project stuttered and paused as we awaited replacement materials and pursued other schedules. But, in the end we completed what looks like a vintage adi prototype that never saw the light of day, until now. 
The upper is made of a synthetic woven fabric, with thick suede and pull-up leather overlays, tongue and heel tabs. The internal heel counter is moulded from vegetable tanned leather. The shoe is fully lined in coordinating leather and this leather is also used to underlay hand punched brogue patterns (gimping). The sole unit, like the design was taken from a TRX Runner. This was sanded and painted. 
Thanks again to Toby for setting the challenge and sticking with me through all the ups and downs, to take receipt of his handmade #TRXBrogue.

September 2022

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